La vie en MOTTO

Almost a shame to spend your time here sleeping - if only the beds weren't so damn comfortable. Natural coziness with thoughtful details are a given in all our rooms in the heart of Vienna; how much space exactly you need for your dreams is up to you.

Large bed by the window in Petite room at Hotel Motto Vienna


Four walls, a bed, and a whole lot of style. The perfect match for short trips with a long-lasting impression.

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Large bed by the window in Chic room at Hotel Motto Vienna


A little bit of Paris, a little bit of Scandinavia, woven into every loving detail of this room.

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Large bed, flower vase in Deluxe room at Hotel Motto Vienna


Luxury redefined: no bulky grandeur, but natural coziness.

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Large bed & sitting area in Junior suite at Hotel Motto Vienna

SUITE Junior

Savoir-vivre at its best! A refuge in the midst of adventures, a French home in Vienna.

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Art de vivre. Love is art and art is our love language – to encourage thinking outside the box.

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