Queensize Bed in Petit Room at Hotel MOTTO Vienna


Hotel Rooms and quiet oasis in the middle of Vienna

Designed with love for the little things, our rooms offer unlimited potential: for finding peace and making dreams come true. For simply enjoying the present.

Plenty of room for gentle slumber, nighttime endeavors, and experiences beyond the covers. With Egyptian cotton fabrics, cloud-soft box spring beds, and overlooking the pulsating life of Vienna's streets, our hotel rooms at Mariahilfer Straße are the ideal starting point for adventures great and small, waiting to be explored.


Four walls, a bed, and a whole lot of style. The perfect match for short trips with a long-lasting impression.


A little bit of Paris, a little bit of Scandinavia, woven into every loving detail of this room.


Luxury redefined: no bulky grandeur, but natural coziness.

SUITE Junior

Savoir-vivre at its best! A refuge in the midst of adventures, a French home in Vienna.


The DNA of Hotel MOTTO is written in the décor of its rooms - multi-layered creativity and passion that resonates throughout the space. From custom-made door handles and retro-feel lampshades, to elegant bathroom tiles and Venetian mirrored walls, you can feel the love and care that went into design and craftsmanship here.


Classic Viennese vintage feel is evoked by the oiled herringbone parquet flooring and the large, soundproofed French windows. The essence of coziness, however, lies in the gorgeous box-spring beds made of natural materials. 210 cm allow even tall people plenty of room to unfold.