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Exclusive Offers for MOTTO Lovers

Exclusive Offers For MOTTO Lovers – We love you and we’ve got some surprises that will knock your socks off. Find exclusive packages, news and more here.


Become a MOTTO LOVER and book directly via our website. Sign up at MOTTO PRIVATE OFFERS and save 10% from our daily rate forever and ever. Exclusively only for you. Sign up now and join the LOVE GANG…

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A lady leaning on a glass railing at Hotel Motto Vienna
A lady looking at a painting on a wall at Hotel Motto Vienna


We love you and we’ve got some surprises that will knock your socks off. Just for the simple reason we adore and live art the package includes an exclusive treat: 

  • 2 night’s stay at the Hotel MOTTO + 1 bottle of Cremant + MOTTO Brot  Viennoiseries 
  • Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt – for your eyes only: 30 minute exclusive tour in the completely empty Leopold Museum*

*Starts at 9:30, just before the official opening times incl. a VIP guided tour for 2 people in English or German. You can book the package directly via from 640 Euro, available upon request and availability.




A good reason to come again and again: our LATE NIGHT RATE – a special for those who spontaneously want to spend the night with us. Book your room the same day from 8 pm and get 50% discount from our daily rate*. Maybe after a dinner at Chez Bernard or if you want to extend your date… just saying…  

*Late Night Rate from 99€. Only if we got some rooms left obviously. 


A female model posing in an elevator at Hotel Motto Vienna
Aerial view of the city from rooftop at Hotel Motto Vienna